Welcome to Politics First, your non-partisan, bi-monthly magazine and website with a difference, published by the Academy for Parliamentary and Policy Studies.
Instead of simply observing politics from the sidelines and following the agenda already set, Politics First helps to lead and shape discussions within Whitehall and Westminster on the pressing political issues facing Britain and the wider world.

With respected and authoritative contributors and columnists writing in the magazine and on the website, from both home and abroad, encompassing the fields of politics, governance, business, law and wholesale mlb jerseys academia, Politics First is essential reading for anyone in Whitehall Informal or Westminster.

Our readers are provided with coverage of subject areas and alternative views rarely found in Western media. I am delighted to offer readers a magazine — and this website — which carry unique insight and quality of political world! coverage.

I very much welcome your feedback on the magazine and website — from our editorial content to contributors — and look forward to working closely alongside you to ensure that Politics First remains your magazine.

Dr Marcus Papadopoulos, Publisher / Editor, Politics First

“We wish you well in the launch of these four new magazines–Politics First, Russia First, China First and India First. David Cameron has, in his first year as Prime Minister, led important trade missions to India and China with the aim of improving our trading and diplomatic links. We fully understand the growing importance of these countries and hope that these new magazines will play a part in strengthening our relationships with them.”
Baroness Sayyeda Warsi, Minister without Portfolio and Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party.

“I’m delighted to see Politics First making an entrance into the world of political journalism. Raucous, uninhibited debate cheap jerseys is the lifeblood of any healthy democracy, and I look forward to seeing that debate play out across these pages.”
Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

“A warm welcome to Politics First! It’s really important to have cheap nfl jerseys open debate where ideas can be put forward, analysed and discussed so I would like to offer Politics First my warmest wishes of good luck.”
Ed Miliband, Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Labour Party.