The Health and Social Care Bill is one of the most controversial and polarising proposals put forward by the Coalition Government since it took office. Proponents of the Bill argue that reforming the NHS is not only necessary to ensure its survival in the long-term but is also supported by leading medical experts. Opponents of the Bill contend that it constitutes creeping privatisation and could result in a health system similar to that in the United States.

Given what could be at stake for the millions of people in the UK who depend on the NHS, Politics First invited leading individuals connected to the health sector to discuss the merits of the Health and Social Care Bill. The magazine asks whether the proposed reforms stand contrary to what the founder of the NHS, Aneurin Bevan, once said: “No longer will health be an advantage nor poverty a disadvantage. Healthcare will be provided free of charge based on clinical need and not on ability to pay.”

The scourge of bullying is an unpleasant reality in society and one that has proved to be a difficult issue for consecutive governments to tackle. To try and understand the pain that victims of bullying suffer, Politics First has spoken to celebrity glamour model Jodie Marsh and Mark Feehily of the Irish pop group Westlife, who both experienced some of the worst forms of bullying imaginable. Their accounts are distressing, and reveal ways which could be adopted in schools to counter bullying.

Quentin Letts, Britain’s most famous parliamentary sketchwriter, talks exclusively about how politics and journalism has changed over the last 25 years and how he rates those sitting on the government and opposition frontbenches.

Damian Green sets out the government’s strategy for ensuring that Britain becomes a no-go area for human traffickers while Frank Field argues for a radical approach to confronting child poverty, which remains remarkably high for a country like the UK. With a high-level of gun and knife crime related to the malignant influence of gang culture, Andy Hayman puts forward a strategy for politicians to consider in their efforts to confront the menace.

I hope you enjoy what is a very diverse edition of the magazine–both in terms of editorial and contributors–and I look forward to receiving your continuous and generous feedback.

Dr Marcus Papadopoulos, Publisher / Editor, Politics First