After a summer consumed by the phone hacking scandal, politicians converge on Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester for the conference season to discuss one issue which will not go away: tackling Britain’s deficit problem.

In this issue of Politics First, Ed Balls, Len McCluskey, Professor Yanis Varoufakis (University of cheap jerseys Athens), Tom Clougherty (Adam Smith Institute), Angela Knight (British Bankers’ Association) and John Walker (Federation of issues, Small Businesses) put forward their case for what Britain needs to do not just to remedy the country’s potent deficit wholesale mlb jerseys but also how to get the economy moving again.

Sir Ian McCartney looks back on his “finest hour”–the introduction of the National удаление Minimum Wage thirteen years ago–while Angela Eagle discusses howLabour is formulating its economic policy and states publicly for the first time that the next leader wholesale mlb jerseys of the Labour Party could very well be a woman.

One year on from SMS their first conference season as prime minister, deputy prime minister and leader of the opposition, the performances of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband, respectively, are assessed by Jon Craig, Jonathan Reed and Paul Routledge.

Britain’s status as a guardian of the UN and international law is very much in place, argues William Hague, while Alan Duncan outlines plans to ensure that Britain remains at the forefront in responding to humanitarian disasters around the world. In her capacity as cheap jerseys chair of the Public Audit Committee, Margaret Hodge reveals that government departments are failing to learn from their mistakes. Dr Duncan Anderson (Sandhurst) argues Intranet the merits for an alliance with India if Britain is to maintain some influence in south- east Asia as China starts to flex its economic muscle in the region. And Michael Mansfield QC raises awareness about shale gas extraction and the emergence in the world of to ecocide.

The next edition of Politics Aussprache First will include a focus on the UK’s business community and the Commonwealth together with continuing coverage of subjects and perspectives rarely found in the mainstream press.

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Dr Marcus Papadopoulos, Publisher / Editor, Politics First