Boris Johnson
The Right Honourable Boris Johnson MP, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The past month has proven that it is only the Conservatives who want to get Brexit done by October 31st so that we can focus on delivering the change that people voted for and move this fantastic country forward. Our Party Conference is an opportunity for our hard-working campaigners, activists and supporters to unite behind that cause.

We need to deliver on a vote that took place more than 1,000 days ago and move the country forward so that we can focus solely on delivering on the public’s priorities.

It is clear that the Conservatives are the only party that understand politicians do not get to choose which votes they respect. That is why we will be leaving the European Union on October 31st, no ifs or buts.

In recent weeks I have met our friends and allies in Europe and I know that there is a deal to be done. We will go to the crucial EU summit on 17th October and strive to get an agreement in the national interest. Despite the attempts by Jeremy Corbyn and his cronies to thwart this Government’s efforts, I have been working tirelessly to secure a deal, and will continue to do so. But if we cannot get a deal, we are ensuring that we are prepared to leave on the 31st October, whatever the circumstances.

Because the British people desperately want to get Brexit done and focus on the much-needed improvements to the public services on which we all rely.

When I stood on the steps of Downing Street, I said that it is my job to make our streets safer. That is why we are putting 20,000 more police officers on the streets and expanding the use of stop and search. I know from my time as Mayor of London that when the police are backed by politicians and are empowered to act, we see crime going down and our streets getting safer.

Since becoming Prime Minister, it has also been my priority to ensure that money for the NHS really does get to the frontline. The NHS is one of those institutions that stands out as the very best of Britain. But we can improve it and make sure that people see the impact of the new £33.9 billion in funding in their local hospitals and GP surgeries.

I have visited hospitals across the country since becoming Prime Minister, and what I have heard from doctors, nurses and paramedics, in every corner of this country, is that they need more resources to support their vital work. That is why I have made it an immediate priority to make sure that frontline services have the funding that they need, so that the service which people receive is consistently worldleading. We are already delivering on that promise, committing an extra £1.8 billion to frontline services, with 20 hospitals across the country receiving the urgent upgrades they need. And we will work tirelessly to continue improvements for doctors, nurses and patients.

We all know that the very best way to invest in a country’s future is by ensuring that its next generation receives a world class education. That is why I am committed to ensuring that every child in this country benefits from a first-rate education, wherever they live in the country. I firmly believe that talent and genius is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. We need to level up our country, and so we are spending an extra £14 billion pounds on ensuring that we can boost per pupil funding for every child across this country. That vital investment in our children and grandchildren represents investment in the building blocks on which our bolder, brighter future can be built.

But we are only able to make that investment in our vital public services with a strong economy, and that is why I will always champion British businesses, always back our hard-working and highly skilled workers, and always fight to protect those who need our support the most.

The Conservatives have a strong vision to take Britain forward, and a plan to unite and level up the country. I will continue to deliver on my promises so that everyone across the country has equal opportunities and every nation that makes up Great Britain reaps the rewards of the bright future we are working towards.