Javed Khan
Barnardo’s Chief Executive

We want children and young people to grow up in a strong family, have a safe childhood and a positive future.
That’s why Barnardo’s provides support to more than 301,000 children, young people, parents and carers who have suffered adversity and trauma.
But we are not, and cannot be complacent.
The nature of childhood vulnerability is changing. (pull out quote). Emerging evidence from our frontline services suggests more children are facing multiple and overlapping dangers from early trauma and neglect, grooming and sexual abuse, through to criminal exploitation, drugs and gangs. Because of this complexity, the system is struggling to identify the right intervention at the right time.
We know local commissioners of services are having to concentrate their limited resources on work with children with the highest level of need – but to do so at the expense of providing preventative services is a false economy.
We need to radically rethink how we support vulnerable children and young people, giving them the right support at the right time. Co-produced strategic partnerships is the answer. Barnardo’s is forming strategic partnerships across the UK where we are sharing our breadth of knowledge, skills, finance, information and resources and delivering a common goal – to achieve better outcomes for more children.
With our partners we are already seeing that, by moving away from primarily transactional relationships towards truly transformative, long term strategic partnerships, we can solve the unprecedented challenges facing today’s children and young people.


We build Stronger Families by providing early support, family support and mental health services. Like we did with Jaya:
We supported Jaya when his mother was diagnosed with a serious illness. He was faced with becoming the sole carer for his mum at the age of 9. We ensured he wasn’t.
We gave Jaya a chance at childhood
We create Safer Childhoods by providing adoption services, foster care placements and are working to address child sexual abuse through our child abuse and exploitation services. Like we did with 14-year-old Malaika last year.
We supported her to break away from those exploiting her and give evidence in court.
We re-built Malaika’s trust
We build Positive Futures by supporting children and young people who leave care. Like we did with Kayleigh last year who we supported out of an abusive relationship and rebuilt life skills – paving the way for her going back to college.
Barnardo’s supports thousands like Jaya, Malaika and Kayleigh who have fantastic new opportunities presented by modern society, but also face unique pressures and threats.

At the heart of our 10-year transformational Corporate Strategy we Believe in Children above all else. By forming strategic partnerships, we can effectively intervene to change the lives of vulnerable children today – so they can be a healthy part of a collective future tomorrow.
We hope you can believe with us. Together we can realise an approach to commissioning children’s services that makes a lasting difference.
To find out more, come and meet us during one of the party conferences. We have events on Monday night at both Labour and Conservative, and we’ll be on site at the Liberal Democrat conference.